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Full Version: Grey bars with movies
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I see bright grey bars instead of black bars. Happens with some movies but not others. Happens on the side bars in the case of 4:3 movies, and top and bottom bars in the case of widescreen movies. Changing the brightness range to/from 16-235 makes no difference. It has nothing to do with the black level settings on my displays, because the problem doesn't show on MPC-H64 or VLC. Why are they ok and Kodi isn't? I am not streaming and I have no addons. These are movies on my hard drive. My log:

DEBUG: ADDON: cpluff: 'Plug-in script.exodus.metadata has been installed.'
I don't understand why it shows, because I uninstalled it months ago, well before I ran the debug log. How do I get rid of it completely so that the kodi install is absolutely clean?
That's the problem with these piracy add-ons. They can install and intertwine themselves so deeply that sometimes your only option is a clean install.

I would suggest using the Backup add-on to back up your profile and other settings and do exactly that. You may find the issue goes away. If it doesn't then at least you'll have a clean system that is eligible for support here.
Go in either with Kodi's file manager or if possible an external one (with kodi shut down) and review the content of your add-ons folder (and addon_data in the userdata (wiki) folder).

Remove anything that shouldn't be there, but as with all such things make a backup first.
Thanks guys. I wound up completely deleting the Kodi folders, uninstalling, then rebuilding the library from scratch. Maddeningly enough, I still had the problem, but I think I found a solution: I set Kodi not to use the 16-235 range, and this time it worked. Bars are black.