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Full Version: Several video issues
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i have very annoying issues when playing videos, mainly in music video party mode.

1. So it happens i switch on party mode, then every second video comes without sound. The files are ok, played manually they work.
Apart from that i experienced it also happens sometimes when playing a movie or tv show manually. Once i go back and play it from start it works.

2. I also experienced a "zapp" sound right before the video starts playing or it has ended. Seems only MKVs affected.

3. Another issue i want to address here is that music videos are not showing in the category, only in the file list. Why is that?

4. Then I go to the file list, select the first video and use "play from here", what it does it skips a view videos and starts playing (not from the position i intended). What?

5. Well, and another issue... The party mode is not random at all but predictable. I swear it plays always only 30% of my collection and i have the feeling it uses the same order again and again.

Apart from 3. and 5., i had none of these issues in 16.
I run it on a ASUSTOR AS3204T ADM 2.7.3.RI21, Kodi 17.3.0.R2. What else you need?

Any solution?
We always need a Debug Log ...
So i was unable to reproduce the error right now. Maybe needs more run-time.
What about 3 - 5? Is this a known problem?