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Full Version: Pause/Rewind/FF live tv?
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I setup an IPTV m3u stream to a DVBLink Server and the DVBLink PVR Client in Kodi and assumed that since I could now record IPTV through DVBLink that I would also be able to pause/rewind/ff live tv in Kodi, but I still don't see that option. Am I doing something wrong?
Did you enable the option in the client for timeshift?
With timeshift enabled in the dvblink client it should work

\edit   I only now noticed that you state not seeing the option.
Do you mean ffwd & rwd are not visible in the Kodi UI? That's correct, these were removed for the default skin.
It's still possible to assign these functions to remote buttons, though.

If it's anything else you mean please explain further.
Why is that funktion removed? One of the best futures and I like to handle kodi with the mouse.
Because the devs choose to.
Dont worry as said you can still assign any function you like to any key (or use another skin).

Fact is, Kodi is not really focused on keyboard/mouse use, more aimed at using a remote.