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Full Version: Buffering over internet
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Hi all,

I setup a friends Kodi to have access to my video library. When watching things on Kodi using my library, they get quite a bit of buffering. I can't really figure out why. I have 12Mb up here, whilst they have 10 down, so to me there should be enough.

Anyone got any ideas on how to reduce the buffering?
12 up and 10 down might not be enough bandwidth. For example, full bandwidth OTA broadcast TV in the US can be up to 19.38 mbps, and Blu Ray can be around 40 mbps.
Hm, that makes sense. I'll see if I can find other ways to stop it buffering. Tried adding some stuff to advanced settings, but it didn't work. Will increase the speed it buffers at and see if that stops it. If not, will have to look at other methods.

I had some issues with buffering on a Chromebox with the official HGTV and DIY add ons. I added another 2 gig stick of RAM, and dedicated the whole thing to the buffer in AdvancedSettings.xml, which solved it. If your issue isn't bandwidth, this might be an inexpensive fix, depending on your hardware.

Although a debug log might indicate exactly what the issue is.