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Full Version: Kore/Kodi 17.3 Unable to connect
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Hi to the community Smile

So yet another Kodi user having issues connecting the Kore remote app. I've followed the guide as presented in the FAQ section, with no success. Browsing on these forums I've tried as always to ping my device. With firewall on, I cannot ping my computer ip address. I can ping the computer when firewall in off. I dont know how to resolve this part of the connection issue.
Strangely I cannot ping nor open the Kodi web server from a remote phone or tablet, regardless of whether firewall is on or off on the Kodi PC. I can open the web server on the host Kodi PC. Herein I think lies the origin of my Kore/Kodi connection issues - any help on what specifically is the problem would be appreciated.

So far ive tried opening ports 8080 and 9090 within firewall, as well as changing to a different port, to no avail. Kodi app also is unblocked on public and private networks. On my android phone, the Fing app can see my host Kodi PC though reports it is Unreachable. I'm kind of lost now tbh...

I dont have access to the router (in roomates room which he locked and is on holiday) so i hope its a fixable issue with the PC configuration and not a router issue because then i dont have access to fix that.

PC is running Windows 10 Home, Kodi Version 17.3, Running in built windows defender anti-virus, no third part firewalls or antivirus

cheers in advance
That really sounds like a network issue, which is difficult to analyse at least for me. You seem to have checked all the obvious things (firewall blocking ports, changing ports, tweaking the public/private confusion on windows), what might be left is mess up with the router. You usually don't need physical access to a access the management page, so you could try that.
Solidcancer07 and syncd, I'm having the same issues here.
Upgraded recently from Isengard to Krypton, then Kore went pfffffffft
Checked Kodi settings, all are the same (I use port 2020)
Unlike yourself I did go into my router settings, nothing different there.
Uninstalled the app, then reinstalled, nothing.
removed the android wifi connection, and re-connected, and even went so far as to restart the android device... nothing.
visited: http://syncedsynapse.com/kore/kore-faq/

I googled Kodi Kore not connecting and it seems to be an issue without a fix yet.
I'm sure it has to be something simple I'm over looking, either that or I'm going back to Isengard.

Oooo... (>ლ)
Never-mind... KORE (for me) is working at this time.
I went back and used the default settings, and used the apps "next" button to fill in fields on the android device. 
After the ip address is a field for port. (fortunately, the next button skips that field) I left that one blank, (i had been putting 2020 in before)
In the checked box that asks for use TCP port I entered 2020.
clicked search, and the media center was found.

It WAS something simple that I over looked. All is well with KORE and Krypton!

btw: syncd? The KORE app rocks the house!!  Cool