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Full Version: Display program image in pvr view.
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need help. I do not really know if the function is from the kodi or tvheadend or skin addon. But I'll start here:
In the PVR appears the image of the programs, that comes from somewhere ... Ex. If in the channel FOX this displaying BONES .... appears in the skin the image of the series bones.
But my problem happens there. I'm from Brazil, and some serials titles are in my language. Ex. "The simpsons" I believe, that for this reason does not show any image of the program. Does anyone know how I can work around this problem?
I believe this is either a skin issue, or a problem with your grabber. Some skins use a plugin that scrapes PVR info and gets images from other services to display. Other skins can pull the images from your backend (ie, Tvheadend) if your grabber has provided an image for the program.

Which method is being used here? That's probably the answer needed to further troubleshoot.
I just installed a skin eminence 2.0. And she's pulling like non-EPG images, I did not set anything up. But the owner has to be in English.
Not sure what you mean by "non-EPG images". But, Eminence uses the SkinHelperService, which includes "PVR Thumbs", which is probably responsible for your images. If there's a problem there, then that is your route for support, as Tvheadend has nothing to do with that. It is merely searching TheTVDB or TheMovieDB or IMDB for images that match the PVR info. Often you will have errors, especially with titles in other languages, or new versions of older series (like Hawaii Five-0, for example—sorry, only example that came to mind quickly) where it will pull images from the old/original series and not the new/current series.