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Full Version: Minimum search character
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Please decrease the minimum search characters to 3

there are plenty of threads regarding SMB network. but people are unable to search for fixes if we are unable to search for SMB
Yes, I agree. It is quite limiting but it is most likely a limitation of the software.

You should try using Google. If you want to search "SMB" then enter the following...

SMB site:forum.kodi.tv

Then use the tools to modify dates
It's because the search database becomes way too large when it is set to 2 making all searches really slow.
Using the Google search is a nice workaround
(2017-08-18, 23:21)Kib Wrote: [ -> ]Using the Google search is a nice workaround
It took me years to find that search workaround, so I doubt many people are aware of it. Maybe you* could stick a reference to it in the message** that comes up when a too-short term is used?

*you = someone

Quote:One or more of your search terms were shorter than the minimum length. The minimum search term length is 4 characters.

If you're trying to search for an entire phrase, enclose it within double quotes. For example "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

If nothing else there might be a few less vpn threads started.
I_m new to this and disabled,just trying to find what forum to use Kodi on,to initiate TV!
@Short for home stay

Can you please stop posting in random threads.

Your first post is here... 323812 (thread) Use it for all your questions.

Please make a post in your first thread so I know you found it and I can delete this other post.
google search
Quote:smb site:forum.kodi.tv
(2017-08-18, 23:21)Kib Wrote: [ -> ]Using the Google search is a nice workaround
 It is a workaround you can do in every site not just here.