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Full Version: Kodi Glossary
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Hello members,

I am creating the Kodi Glossary. The intent is to provide newbies an introduction to the terminology we use here, and also to reduce confusion caused by the misuse of some words and phrases.

The page is located here... http://kodi.wiki/view/Glossary

Please feel free to help out by providing suggested words to be included in the Glossary. It would be even better if you supplied the definition also Smile

If you have a wiki account, then make your edit, or leave the information in a post here.

The aim is to provide easy to understand definitions in everyday language.

Hi Karellen,

This a great idea!
I remember as a new user how overwhelming I found all the terminology used here on the forum and not fully understanding what some things actually meant at the time, so think this would be great help to all the newbies.

Here's a few suggestions for the list:-
Conext Menu
Debug Log
File Manager
PVR Backend
Skin Settings
Thanks Dumyat for the suggestions. I will slowly add them to the glossary. I don't suppose you have some definitions to go along with them Smile My head is melting
I do not know anything about editing wikis but it would be nice if the numbers that are before the letters get removed. eg. 2A 3B
Totally agree. It is very distracting.

We have been discussing that, and our wiki software needs some much needed updating. It is now in the hands of the Wiki Admin to find the solution.
(2017-08-20, 09:40)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]I don't suppose you have some definitions to go along with them Smile My head is melting
No problem. I'll try and put something together and send it over to you.
We could use images instead of text for indicating the 0-9 and A-Z titles.
All we need is 27 GIFs or PNGs.

Of course, the legend at the top would no longer work, but I don't think that that would be such a problem.