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What does it take to play 4k movies. I have a vizio [email protected] Do I need a big dollar android box. I finally have a place to ask. I thought my pi3 my be powerful enough. NOT! Please help
Proper 4k boxes can be had from 60 euro/dollar and onwards.
A RPi-3 only goes upto 1080p output.

Here is some reading material: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=252916
Can you make it easy for me. If you can what would be your choice? Sorry for being uneducated when it comes to4k
My personal choice, right now this instant?
An Asrock J3455 motherboard, but that's also because I already have the other necessary components available (ssd, pico psu, memory, casing).

In general, the Odroid C2 is probably the benchmark in small htpc solutions, the Wetek HUB is also a good contender.
Fire tv box

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(2017-08-20, 07:44)jfarris19761 Wrote: [ -> ]Fire tv box

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Not at all - broken in most every regard ... starting with proper audio support ...
Hmm I completely disagree mine works perfectly

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As a matter of fact I just got done setting up another one for somebody and it ran 4K at 60 hertz fine

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