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first of all let me say i am not computer smart at all. dont know a whole lot about none of these types of things.i have one of the little boxes thingys, a mxq, and it has kodi in it.
the operating system says it is android 4.42 API level19. system uptime 1 hr 43 minutes. total uptime 5 hrs 13 min. battery level o%. cpu1 40%. cpu3 11%. memory used 613 / 831md-74%. build:kodi 16.1-RC2 Glt:2016-03-28-be20e8a, compiled mar 28 2016.
i have used it for almost 2 years. slowly over that time frame i have lost channel after channel. seems like none of the tv or movie channels want to work anymore, and i was getting very frustrated. somebody told me to hit that little button in the back to reset it. well i did and now i cant get anythiing to work. i need help please. thanks
I'm just guessing here: you have a small Android box with Kodi running on it.
Kodi has several channels with tv series and movies. They now stop working.
9 times out of 10, that means you have been watching video streams in an illegal manner.

Please convince us wrong when this is not the case.

Also note that this forum has rules and policies,
and that watching video streams in an illegal manner is totally unacceptable.
No support will be given in such situations.
1. Please don't use "help" as a subject line, it is not helpful - most people are here for "help" so something more descriptive is good practice.

2. Where are these "channels" coming from? Kodi supplies no content. Did you buy a "fully loaded" box with access to "free tv and movies" - if so you were probably conned and you should return to the vendor for help. See Free_content (wiki) and http://kodi.wiki/view/Forum_rules#Piracy_Policy

3. If not please give us a debug log (wiki).
Ha! bingo with Klojum!

I think we need a forum bot, that filters out all the 'please help' cries. I'm getting allergic to them.
ok mr klojum. after talking w my girlfriend about my money issues, my girlfriend ordered this box for me. she said i could get good stations on the tv. so i gave her the ok. some time later she came over and hooked it up. i was thrilled when i saw all the older shows and movies on it. how can this be illegal? i called her again and asked her and she said she ordered it online. if she got it online, how can it be illegal? and if it is how can i make it legal
The concept is pretty simple. Whenever hook up your Kodi box, and you start watching movies or tv shows, that would normally have to pay for in some way or another, but you now get to see those movies/tv shows for free, that's the moment when alarm bells should start ringing between your ears. And, "older" movies? I don't think the movie year is the issue here.

Buying illegal things online does not make those things instantly legal. People buy drugs online on the darkweb. It doesn't make the drugs legal. Can you get us the URL of the box/webpage that you have bought, so we can perhaps verify some things?

You can also help us by providing us the kodi *debug log* of your kodi.box. It is a log file that will mention some hardware details and some software details, and also wether certain add-ons have been (pre) installed. Click on the 'debug log' link in my signature for info on how to provide such a log.
this is all too much for me. i will just give it back to her before the coppers come to my flat