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Full Version: Music Visualisation
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There is no visualisation feature when playing audio. [/size]
It is raining outside at the moment (another observation).

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Visualisations are platform specific addons, and not all platforms have them available. You do not say what platform you are using, or what version of Kodi, but there are probably addons that you can download from the official repo.
Kodi 17.3-Krypton. I use addons of music radio stations. Once again explanation of problem. Player Settings > Visualisation > None (that is a problem. Why None?) In the earlier versions of XBMC I had the list of visualisations instead of None.
Quote:Visualisations are platform specific addons

maby try to install a Visualisations addon Wink
Please, write me how to do it
I think at least in Windows ver of Kodi, all visualization add-ons are installed as part of the program installation, but are marked as disabled (probably some are buggy). So you must go into the addons browser and view "my addons" and enable any of the visualizations you want to use. Then they are available for selection in the UI.

scott s.
Unfortunately I have not found any visualisation add-ons as installed in program installation. If you have some idea, please help me.
they are most likely installed unless you disabled in installer (assuming windows, you still haven't responded with what platform you are running on..). but you have to enable them using the add-on browser.
I have just installed Kodi 17.4 and is still the same. Installer had a visualization box checked. The program files folder is provided with many visualization but there are no any visualization in Player Visualization Settings window. I do not know how to move them from program folder to Player Visualization Settings. Is sombody able to help me? What happened with visualization feature? I would like to mention that they were in the old versions like e.g. XBMC
I have just fixed the problem. I found two visualizations in My Addons and the were disabled. I enabled them and all is good now. But why two visualizations only. The program files folder includes 6 ones. Maybe someone knows the answer. Thank you in advance for your patience.
Fixed! Many thanks for all who helped me.
Glad you got it sorted. Could you maybe edit your first post to "solved"?

scott s.
Thread marked solved.
Unfortunately, I will continue a visualisation issue, this time for Android. I cannot find and install a "Milk Drop" visualisation. If sombody knows, please answer me.
There are 2 Visualisation enabled but they are not starting when I do play Music. Nether I do see where to start them.
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