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Full Version: Colours dirty after update
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Hi guys,

I updated my kodi from Isengard to the latest version of Krypton today. But now I have noticed that the colours during video playblack are a lot less vibrant and unsatured. It makes my movies look boring and lifeless.

Is there a way to have the same colours as in the Isengard version?
What device did you install Kodi onto? A Raspberry Pi, some Intel PC, your refrigerator, an espresso machine..?

Sorry, but our crystal ball is in serious repair, so you will have to supply all relevant details this time.

There could be the option of the limited color range (16-235 color) vs full color setting.
I installed Kodi on a custom build htpc with an AMD 5350 APU on an Asrock AM1H-ITX motherboard running windows 7.
Graphic engines, from one brand to another and even within brands are notorious for their inconsistencies. Try @Klojum suggestions, failing that turn to the graphic software for the solve.