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Full Version: OPUS sound track problem (sw decoder)
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I have problem with more encoded Opus track and Kodi stable or nightly
one example with problem: OPUS 224Kbps VBR
( another without problem to compare: Opus 192Kbps VBR )

I not know english word to explain audio effect.. it's a vibrate each 2sec for less 0.5sec.

I reproduce the same with MXPLayerPro when not use audio HW+ for opus (SW audio decoder).
no problem with other player, or with PC windows (not tested with Kodi on windows)

debug log kodi: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25357393/

I not know if it's possible to force Kodi to use hardware acceleration to decode OPUS
Ping @fritsch
A ffmpeg bug, maybe?
Audio is broken / frames are dropped and timestamps are missing on all linux players, including the gstreamer ones :-)

Are we now talking to make it "somehow" work or should the encoder be fixed?

ffplay /ffmpeg 3.4
mpv with older ffmpeg
kodi v18
vlc <- I "think / feel" it sounded better there

audio sounds the same on all of those players

I'd file a bug at trac.ffmpeg.org and see what they will say. Though to be honest - I did not find a program yet that can decode it properly.