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Full Version: Estouchy Media Sources Access
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Hi all,

When I add new content under the Estuary skin, I usually scan for changes to individual shows by going to "Media sources" under "Videos", ordering by "Date" and then long-pressing in order to find the "Scan for changes" option.

Under Estouchy, there is no "Media sources" listing under "Videos". The closest method I've found of doing this is to go into "TV Shows" and then long press on an item, which does include a "Scan for changes" option in the menu that pops up. This does work, but I can't find a way of sorting the listing by "Date updated", only "Date added".

Is there an easy way of getting Estouchy to display the "Media sources" listing? Or maybe I've missed something?

Any advice would be appreciated.

there should be a "Files" listing under "Videos".
i think that's the same as the "Media sources" you're referring to...
So there is, and it does lead to the same listing with Date sorting available... Just wondering why I didn't notice that earlier, lol.

Thanks ronie