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Full Version: "Autoplay" video files
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Hi all,

i'm new to these forums, i had "played" with XBMC a long time ago (it's gotten much better) i recently purchased another xbox and soft modded it even doing a hardware hack to create a memory device with a USB Stick with an old xbox live adapter.....very sweet!!!

QUESTION: Can i set the video up to start when i click the box shot?

I have the movies set to an smb share from my pc, downloading box shots, movie desciption and cast all perfectly. i just want to highlight the box and play, not view a files list that i have to select from.

Can anyone help?

Use the library.
Thank you, this is awesome.

i read through the advanced settings wiki but can't see that there is a way to set this as the default view.

Basically, i want to click "Videos" (actually want this to say "movies" but...)
and have it show the box shots with nothing more to do.

can i do this?

i think the settings are messing me up the most.

set the movie title node to default using the context menu or change your home.xml to do activatewindow(videolibrary,movietitles)
Thats sweet, thank you guys for your help.i'm sure i will have more questions as i go!