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Full Version: Custom Playlist m3u
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Hi everyone.

i have created my own playlist in VLC from a IPTV provider. there is around 1000 channels and i only need 100 of them.
so i created my own playlist in VLC. Now i have the m3u file and want to setup the playlist in Kodi 17 Krypton. I know in IPTV Simple Client you can take a file and make it play from that. Im using Kodi on my Nvidia Shield, but i would really like this to run though tvheadend so the link/playlist is on the providers side.

like http://hkeu.provider.us/m3u.php?username...aylist_123

so i have the full package link, but can i somehow make the file to a link so i can paste that in TVheadend?
Or if possible just delete those channels i dont need in Kodi. I dont know if you can have that feature in tvheadend?
You can import the m3u into Tvheadend as an Automatic IPTV network. Then you can selectively enable/disable the muxes/services (channels) that you want. Just beware that if the URL to any stream/channel changes at all, Tvheadend will delete the original stream from its list, and you'll have to rescan the new URL and re-create the mapping of that stream to a channel.