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Full Version: Extended info script error
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I was wondering how to fix extended info script error on Apple TV 4 also the program add on movie portal doesn't work either is there something i need to turn on or off please help thanks in advance
Too bad we don't have a crystal ball here. But... Things would be a little easier if you provided a debug log to begin with.
The Portal ('plugin;//script.extenededinfo/';2';?info=topratedtvshows')
15:00:23.981 T:6148239360 DEBUG: Thread LanguageInvoker start,auto delete: false
15:00:23:982 T :614823960 INFO: initializing python engine
15:00:23:982 T :614823960 DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(35.
That's not a debug log (wiki), it's a useless snippet.

Grab the full log (with logging enabled), upload it to PasteBin and supply their link here.

Details of how to are in the link above
I too having the same exact issue with my Apple TV 4. I posted my log in the script.extendedinfo thread & so far got zero response on the issue.

Heres my log on the error I keep running into https://paste.ubuntu.com/25358268/
Anyone find an answer to this issue?
I'm still having this issue for my Apple TV 4