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Full Version: Fetching metadata dynamically
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How do I fetch metadata dynamically ? Currently I have access to private repository from which I can access movies/tv shows. while browsing all I see is the movie name.
If I want to add metadata etc. to it how do I do it ? or While watching, is there a way to fetch info when I click on info ? .

Note: I have readonly access to the folder structure so adding thumbnails is ruled out.
Thanks Karellen for quick reply.

But how do I set content ? I have an addon called myTV, up on clicking this, it gives me access to a server link which has a folder structure containing movies etc.

myTV is password protected and I am not sure how myTV access that server (uses SMB or ftp I don't know this).
I am not familiar with myTV. Can you provide the link to the add-on so I can see how it works.
Its a private repository, I can provide screen shots.

To pull subtitles , we click on subtitles then download right ? Similarly can we pull plot info ( on demand ) ?
full disclosure if you would like support here. Which repo? Link