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Full Version: Various Artist DJ "Pollution"
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Morning all, time for a question from me.

I've got a set of about 70 DJ mix albums from the Fabric set in my library.

In Kodi(Latest Nightly) I would like them to all show under Various Artists because the songs in the mix are not the DJ's own productions.


Unfortunately on Musicbrainz, the Album Artist is "Craig Richards" instead of "Various Artists"



So my question is who is wrong here? I think Kodi is doing what it is supposed to do, but is Musicbrainz wrong? Or is it their policy to list the DJ as the artist in this case?

Normally it wouldn't be a huge issue, but with 70+ albums from this series in my collection, all the DJ's are showing as artists in my Kodi artist view which is quite annoying.
I would say that yes Kodi is doing what it is suppoed to do, but I have no idea if Musicbrainz is wrong to have the DJ as the album artist as well as the DJ Mixer.

I guess that they would say it is about the author of the release, in this case are they just a collator or do they alter the recordings in some way?

You can of course edit the tags - carefully of course remebering to change both ALBUMARTIST and MUSICBRAINZ RELEASE ARTIST ID to that of Various Artists. Then ensure "prefer online information" remains disabled.
Thanks, yep I thought it was logical, but there seems to be no way of getting these into a "Various Artist" view at the moment without creating some kind of custom node.

Many years ago this used to work with Kodi, but I do see whats happening.

I've asked the question on the MB forums for reference.

You want some kind of "Artists that are not DJ mixers" node instead of the standard artists node, and another for albums that have an album artist that is a DJ Mixer.... or puuting the music in its own music source and using a path rule.

Editing the tags starts to sound easier :S

Having the roles concept in the libary does help, but it is not perfect/complete. I end up with a similar issue with classical music, so I do understand.

See what MB say, perhaps feedback any claification or insights you get here too.
Thanks for the help, I gave re-tagging a go and it didn't really work at first, just changing the Album Artist.

I actually had to change the Album_Artist, Album_Artist_Sort_Order and the Music_Brainz_Release_Artist_ID to "Various Artists", "Various Artists" and "89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377" respectively.


And finally my Kodi Various Artist view looks nice and organized again.


Even better is the Artists view has no extra DJ names in it:

Yes, if you are going to change the AlbumArtist tag then, ensure that you change the
AlbumArtists, Album_Artist_Sort_Order and the Music_Brainz_Release_Artist_ID tags as well.
I've actually got used to having the dj's as artists, never bothered with collecting the fabric cd's but have all global underground, renaissance, balance, bedrock series albums etc. And the majority via mbp have dj as album artist. Some other comps I. e. Euphoria, gatecrasher have various artists in mbp so mbp is right or wrong on both accounts as some albums has VA some have the DJ.

But it does make a mess of Artist node although with chatting to Dave we came up with a list view like this which doesn't make it so bad to deal with

watch gallery
Ahh nice! yes a slim list view would indeed help in this case.
So I finally found a way to fix this for my whole collection which is a good 2000 Various Artist mixes.

It's a real shame MusicBrainz simply records the artist wrong on DJ Mix releases and doesn't use the tag DJMixer instead! But for now there is a fix:

Step 1
Load up MP3Tag software >> File >> Change Directory >> Select the root of your Various Artists folder (This will take some time to load probably)

Step 2
Once loaded select a single track and click crtl + A (this will select all tracks)

Step 3
Right click on the highlighted tracks somewhere and click "Extended Tags"

Step 4
ALBUMARTIST >> Various Artists
ALBUMARTISTSORT >> Various Artists
MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID >> 89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377

Like so:


You can now save all the files (again this takes a bit of time)

And now you should only see the Various artist node in your Artist list and not all the individual DJ's.