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Full Version: Stereo upmix not working
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I'd like to get a simulated surround sound output from older stereo recorded movies and TV shows. Is this possible?

I'm an audiophile new to surround setups. I have a 5.1 surround system now with a Marantz SR5011 receiver.

I saw the stereo upmix option and have checked that and all the other pass throughs. If I tell Kodi my system is 5.1, it creates a 5.1 output with only the front channels with sound. If I tell Kodi I have two speakers (something some other forums have recommended) , movies just crash Kodi without starting.(!)

I'm using the latest build of August 22.

What am I doing wrong? Can I do this from the receiver instead? But I can't even output stereo or Kodi crashes!