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Full Version: No information available
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When I scroll thru the video files in one of my folders from the favorites tab, on the left part of the screen I see a thumbnail image showing some random frame from the currently selected video. Below this thumbnail, I see the text "No information available". I'm only mildly curious why I don't see any information there, where Kodi looks for such information and why it doesn't find any with my particular setup. More importantly for me I would like to know the part of the code where this message in displayed. The reason I would like to know this is because I planned on modifying the skin to show additional text in this screen region (which seems to have plenty of free space for doing this).

I used grep to search for the string "No information available" in all the xml files inside the estuary skin folder but I did not find this string as I had expected. Does anyone know what part of the code displays this information or this particular message?

Iirc, the image is generated from the video itself. If there exists a file with name "<filename>-poster.jpg", then this is used as the image. I believe the "No information available" will be replaced by <title> and/or <plot> elements from "<filename>.nfo" if found beside the file. (Of course, I may be wrong, and the "No information available" will only be replaced if the file is present in a library, not based upon presence of an NFO file.)

In general, you are experiencing the difference of viewing a file listing versus a scanned library.
Don't know if you found your answer already but i looked for this today and found where the "No information available" message comes from.
"No information available" gets translated from the string #19055 of Kodi's language file.
So in my case to remove this message in Estuary i simply removed the following lines;
-- in Krypton: 202 to 215
-- in Leia      : 231 to 244

*Keep in mind that with development these files might change, so what you want to look for is "<label>$LOCALIZE[19055]</label>" in View_50_List.xml

I know this is an old thread but some might find this information useful.