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Full Version: Dosbox Controller Problem
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Hi all,

I have been playing around with various emulators and games, and everything seems to be working very well. My only problem is i cannot get my PS3 controller to work with Dosbox. Normally with Dosbox i would use the keymapper, but this interface does not seem to be implemented here. Have any of you made a controller work with Dosbox? Any input or ideas is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! :-)
Cores that use keyboards and joysticks are edge cases that I haven't tested yet. Good news is, the new Player Manager I'm working on will introduce full compatibility for all keyboard/mice/joystick combinations, and even the ability to map these separately per-player.

I have about a week or two of work left on the Player Manager. I started over a month ago, but got distracted by shader support (the GSoC project for this ends tmrw). Hang tight, and I'll post back here when things are ready to be tested!
Hey man,

That sounds great! Thanks :-)