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Full Version: SiO2 & Tv Tunes
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Sorry for my English mistakes I don't know English very well... ;-)

I have used SiO2 and I have to say that it is a very good skin, but SiO2 have a problem when you want to use Tv Tunes addon with TV Shows.
The music of the show starts well but suddenly, after few seconds, stops and starts again and again and again and I don't know why.

I have test it with KODI 17.4 in Windows 10 and macOS Sierra and it only happen with SiO2.
With SiO2-X or other skin everything works well.

Do you know why it happen or the solution?

Hello luimarsa and welcome,

TV Tunes comes from the uRepo repository which is a banned item here. Therefore we cannot provide you any support.

You will need to contact uRepo for assistance.
Hello Karellen,

Sorry because I didn't know that uRepo was banned.

I found the problem and the solution by myself.

Thanks ;-)