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Full Version: Event prevent default action
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Hello folks,

I have made an addon that trigger event like : onPlayBackSeek, onPlayBackStarted etc ...
I would like to know if there is a solution to prevent default action, for example when onPlayBackSeek is triggered i would like to stop the default action of seeking to make an other action, is it possible ?

Thanks and best regards
Hi a little up for my post ...

To be more precise i play an adaptive mpd manifest that cannot be seeked by classic way. I have to play http://www.myurl.com/manifest?timecode=200 where timecode is the time code in seconds where i want to start playing the video. So my addon is supposed to detect onPlayBackSeek then stop playing then playing the new manifest with new time code BUT when i press the seek button on my remote my event is triggered but it freeze instantly for few minutes then stop.

Can someone help ?