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Full Version: - SOLVED - Bigger shelf buttons for tablet use?
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Really enjoying the skin on both my pc and tablet, but I've found that on the tablet the home screen shelf buttons are too small for my fat fingers. Any way to make them bigger or put more space between them and the row of icons?

The main reason I ask is that I've found that while I can "swipe" the tablet screen to change between different shelf items (ie.... Most Played Albums/Recently Added Albums/Random Artists), I get no response from tapping on an icon unless the shelf view has been changed via the buttons getting "focus" and the majority of the time that I try to use the buttons ends up with the tablet "thinking" that I've tapped on the first icon in the row.

Hope the above is a clear enough description.... Thanks in advance.

EDIT.... SOLVED....Not sure if this is how the pros would have done it, but it works for me.

For anyone interested......

(All edits in the Amber file Includes_Shelf_Content.xml)

Lines 9,10,20 and 21 - changed the button sizes.
Lines 203, 204, 206 and 211 - Determined the position of entire group of buttons and the spacing between each button.
Line 307 moved the icons in order to give more "finger room" for the buttons.