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Full Version: Kodi 18 Leia Alpha - Mediaportal doesn't load channels
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i have testet kodi 18 alpha on my odroid and i noticed a problem with mediaportal.
pvr client doesn't load channels.
here is a debug log:


hope someone can help Smile

mfg este

edit: same problem on nvidia shield tv with kodi 18
Does it load the plugin at all?

It's always hard to keep track of which of the recent (possibly breaking) changes are in.

it does start the plugin but it shows "0%"
then it stops and the channels are not shown.

edit: sometimes i can not deaktivate the plugin. and activating needs a lot of time
I checked your log file and the addon load fine and also enters the GetChannels function, but somehow it does not receive an answer from the TV Server backend.
Your log file contains:
Quote:ERROR: PVR - GetChannels - cannot get channels from client '1594032861': server error
which only happens if the connection is dead or if the answer from the backend is empty.

Could you check and post the corresponding log files from the TVServer itself?

here is the log from mp tv server.

i don't find the problem.

with newest android version it works.
but not with raspberry pi and odroid c2.

I don't see a release of Kodi 18 alpha.

i don't understand your question? i try to connect with raspberry 2 newest milhouse build.
i deleted the mp server log before trying and only this entries were logged Sad

edit: on nvidia shield with latest nightly it works, but not with libreelec on raspberry und odroid c2
Weird. Your TVServer log file shows that it it handling the correct commands:
[2017-09-03 00:12:46,848] [Log    ] [27       ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: Handling command: ListTVChannels
[2017-09-03 00:12:47,253] [Log    ] [27       ] [DEBUG] - TVServerKodi: Handling command: ListRadioChannels
and it does not contain any error or exception. I've no idea what is going wrong here...

Latest nightly is not a precise version Wink. Could you check the MediaPortal pvr addon version numbers on all three systems and post them here?
(2017-09-03, 12:46)este0037 Wrote: [ -> ]hi,

i don't understand your question? i try to connect with raspberry 2 newest milhouse build.

These are nightly test builds, which are expected to have problems. They are not official alpha builds.
I recently tried a Leia alpha android build on my shield tv. Unfortunately the is no Mediaportal PVR adon in those builds? Where can i find that?