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Full Version: 'Votes' as a numeric field
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I wanted to set up a button to list movies by rating, but only for those movies having more than 100 votes. The votes field appears to be alphabetic rather than numeric so I did not get the option to select a 'greater than' value.

Any thoughts on how to get what I'm looking for?

Manually creating a node worked, as per:
Video_nodes (wiki)

My original issue came up because I was using Library Node Editor which didn't give me the option to select a "greater than" comparison.

Interestingly when I view my manually created node using Editor it shows up as Votes Contain 100.

rating is FLOAT and votes is INTEGER. I have no problem creating a smart playlist rule for votes "greater than". How are you attempting to do this?

scott s.
I never had love for Library Node Editor myself, but that's me. Not saying anything wrong with it.

scott s.