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Full Version: .4mb extensions / Playbook function
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my English is not very well.

I try to explain my feature request as well.

I like listening to audiobooks. On the mobile phone the quality is unfortunately not very good. In the evening, you can enjoy a cosy reading in the living room or listen to an audio book.

Unfortunately I can't play audio books with Kodi / no. m4b extension.
Is there already a solution or an audio book player?

I try to search but i can't find any solution

if i try to search for "mb" there is to short string.
Audio Books are already supported in the .m4b format.


scott s.
Forgot to say, this is a new v18 Leia feature, which I can only assume you're using as you mention Kodi 18 in title, unless you're using v17 and asking for this to be added for v18, in which we are already well ahead of you as it's been in v18 development nightly builds for several months.
Are there any plans for kodi to remember where the audiobook playback was stopped and restart from that place?
I beleive resume points have been implemented (but not by me so I can't give any details)
Does anyone know how to activate resume points please?
Press play in the same way as in-progress movies and you'll get a Play or Resume dialog.