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Full Version: Cannot use override resolution, +subtitle aspect problem
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I just got a V88 Pro which is a cheap Android box which connects to a TV. This particular one has Android 6.0.1 on it.

I removed the preinstalled Kodi and used the most recent Kodi from Google Play.

This box is fake 1920x1080; it's actually 1280x720 with density of 160, but it upscales to 1920x1080 when outputting. If I go to Kodi system settings/resolution, it shows me 1280x720. So far, this is expected, since it is actually rendering at that resolution and upscaling.

However, it is possible to use "wm size" and "wm density" (or an app which simulates that, such as nomone resolution changer) and then reboot to change the resolution. If I do that, it becomes real 1920x1080.

"wm size" and "wm density" shows the following:

Physical size: 1280x720
Override size: 1920x1080

Physical density: 160
Override density: 240

Although I am now at actual 1920x1080, Kodi (17.4) still sees the resolution as 1280x720. It thinks the cursor is in a different place on the screen than it really is (as if it was on a 1280x720 screen), and Kodi system settings/resolution still shows 1280x720p. 1080p calibration videos do not show up at 1080p. I want to force Kodi to think the resolution is the same resolution that is in the override resolution. Unfortunately there is no setting "use override resolution instead of physical resolution".

Also, I'm having a problem with subtitles; a file which is 4:3 and contains bitmapped DVD subtitle rips plays in 4:3, but the subtitles are still stretched to fit within the whole 16:9 screen instead of appropriately scaled to the 4:3 area like the video is. The file plays properly under mpv on Linux.
Most of the Kodi skins are 720p, but will play out videos in the higher resolution. I would start with the Android desktop, get it to the overscan size, then Kodi should launch according to the desktop. Not really sure about the bitmapped DVD subtitle rips in 4:3, but would recommend MKVmerge for subtitle manipulation.