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Full Version: Multiple CDs as own Folders
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Is there a way that Kodi shows me albums with multiple cds in this structure:

- CD 1
- - Track 1
- - Track 2
- CD 2
- - Track 1
- - Track 2

So that CDs are like folders.
Fileview will show you that way if that is your folder structure, but the music library does not have disc set support like that.

Musc library shows all the songs of an album (release) in one list, although sort order allows for disc and track number.

But I guess there could be some skin that does something different?
Fileview isnt a good alternative solution Wink
And I'm shure that a skinn doesnt help. A Skin id judt a skin and cant change the structures.
You could change the tags somehow, if you -not- using musicbrainz id.

Adding cd2 or something to a tag field so kodi sees it as a separate CD. Not 100% sure on this though.
If there is no logical separation between the two discs musically, I am inclined to continue numbering or use the disc tag since the only reason for a 2-disc album is that it won't fit on a single disc. A digital download version of the same album would probably also not be offered as two separate discs.
In other cases, I change the album title, like "Mayhem, act 1", or "Mayhem - Bonus Disc" or "Mayhem cd1". As long as you aren't using musicbrainz ID's that should work fine. It won't add another sublevel to your library which keeps it simple.
I use the Aeon MQ7 in Kodi Krypton and it allows me to sort Albums by Titles. This provides the proper display of multiCD albums. It works in the Titan skin as well, IIRC.
I assume most skins have that option, but even if you sort them by year, since both discs are of the same album and thus same year, they should be together however they are sorted.
(2017-09-13, 17:45)jasn Wrote: [ -> ]I use the Aeon MQ7 in Kodi Krypton and it allows me to sort Albums by Titles. This provides the proper display of multiCD albums. It works in the Titan skin as well, IIRC.
Kodi generally allows sort by title, so not sure what is special here? You have CD1, CD2 in the song tittles? Maybe a screen shot would make it clearer?

The op wanted the discs to appear as folders below the album. I'm not sure but I did wonder if a skin could do that i.e. take a list of songs and visually split the display by disc number. So maybe a skin has?

Otherwise all the other suggestions are about tagging the discs as separate albums. probably as welcom as my fileview observation.

Fundamentally disc set support is absent from Kodi music library. Some many multiple disc releases have no separation between the discs musically, these do not want to be split by medium. Other releases are true disc sets, each disc with an identity - title, art work etc. - but only one Musicbrainz release ID and hence to Kodi is one album. I grasp the issue from a user perspective: those albums where CD2 is a repeat of CD1 but with different mix (you want an easy way to select one), or the 14 CD set of "Lord of the Rings" as a single track listing (even in order) is inapproachable.

But I am very unclear how it could be implemented: correctly spliting by disc when it is wanted, but not cluttering the UI when it isn't. I will give it some thought, but (practical) ideas are welcome.
Musicbrainz have disc / totaldisc in the tags they provide:


And Kodi seems already capable of (at least) listing song depending on disc:


And if you have "CDx" folders inside the album folder, Skinhelper is already capable to recognize different artworks for each disc (look at the spinning disc) :

Disc 1:

Disc 2:
Sure Kodi knows about disc/track number when sorting, also you can filter by disc number in playlists, and skins (with SHS help) can get disc art...

But the op was asking more about nice navigation of your music collection (I think). Also there is nothing from musicbranz that indicates when multiple discs are musically revelvant.

Perhaps a "cluster" facility would be nice... navigating as usual genre > Artist > Album > Song.... but between album > song is also the ability to cluster the songs or split the album (release, could be disc set) into discs or some other grouping based on a property of song. You could even "cluster" by song artist on a compliation.

Just thinking aloud (what am I doing I have enough work for several of me!)
Maybe it's not relevant to ask if multiple discs are "musically" relevant...

Maybe just see if kodi could be able to show disc as folder based on tags
(2017-09-13, 19:34)Gracus Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe just see if kodi could be able to show disc as folder based on tags
The possibility isn't the problem, kodi has the data it is just a matter of how it use it. The desirability (where and when) is more the question.

For example do you want to replace artist > album > song navigation with artist > album > disc > song for all music? Have to click *all at the disc level to see what you get now? I can hear the user compliants already Smile

It is immediately obvious that you want to skip disc level if there is only one. But I have plenty of other multi-disc albums where skipping disc level is desireable. Perhaps "Musical relevance" of the split is irrelevant, but I think there needs to be some option or criteria involved. Having a disc level by default isn't right.

Also what about *all from album level e.g. and artist has albums some multi-disc some not, currently you see all the songs, but does that become all the discs? Is there a discs node?
If you're willing to consider doing something, then add a "Flatten disc hierarchy" setting which is enabled by default. This would only apply to Album listings and would give all tracks as now with it enabled, then if disabled an additional disk 1, disk 2 etc layer is added.
Separating tracks just because the album came on two discs is arbitrary because we might as well separate them the way they were on vinyl originally, with sides A and B or sides 1 through 4 on most double LP's.

One could differ the separation based on the subfolders:
  • CD1 and CD2 are just the same album but sold on two physical discs. You could separate artwork but I would not want an extra level in the library.
  • Part1 and Part2 are also the same album, but the work itself has two parts, like several acts in an opera or musical or a split the artist has intended. An extra node might be of interest to some users.
In the case of the latter, we also have to deal with different subtitles of the album, like with Kate Bush's "Aerial", where each disc has different artwork and different subtitles. We might as wel treat it as two different, but related, albums but then we don't need another level in the library at all.