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Full Version: Need help with media scraper?
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I have ran media companion on my files. it scraped maybe 50%..
A LOT of movies were duplicated, as in one movies info was given to 30+ movies
As well as a whole bunch wimply skipped

The folder was movie name (year)
not sure why this is, but any scraper I have tried within kodi to fill the gaps simply see's these movies as complete

I am unable to find an option within media companion to show me a list of movies with missing info. and it's frankly driving me up the wall
Going through and manually scraping this number of files is simply not an option.

Any idea why, even with info missing in the movie folder, the kodi scrapers are still not filling in the gaps?

Thank You
A bit more info, it would seem media companion created a nfo file for a whol whack load of movies which essentially just say "movie not found please do manual"
If I delete this, it rescans and finds the movie perfectly fine.
however, going through 1400 folders to see which only contains the movie and the nfo, seems like a crap load of work Sad
From the information you have provided, your issue seems to be with Media Companion and not Kodi.

You have provided no information of use, such as a debug log, details of naming conventions, Source settings, scrapers used, folder structure, version, operating system.... get the idea?