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Full Version: Change Status from In Progress to Unwatched
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When I add new movies to the Kodi database I like to give them a quick viewing to make sure everything's all right (audio and subs in sync). When I do this the movie shows up as In Progress (in Kodi's default skin).

I then have to mark the movie as watched and then unwatched (two steps). This messes up the sorting for my Watched tag (separate issue, but that made this request necessary).

Is there an easy way to preview new movies as above without having the movie go In Progress (and to remain in the Unwatched state)?


ps I don't want to open up the movies from within the file structure since that would take a long time (many movies).
You can modify that behaviour in advancedsettings.xml. Read here and the graph may clear up why that is happening... HOW-TO:Modify_automatic_watch_and_resume_points (wiki)
Just jump back to the beginning before you stop previewing it.
Unfortunately, the 'go to beginning and stop' to reset the watch status does not work from the Kodi Home Screen in Estuary. It does work from the pages of the video library. Bug?
Another option is my Watched status toolbox add-on. The feature "Tweak last played time" will restore the previous resume point along with the last played time (clearing both of them in this case) of movies and episodes if the video was played for only a short while (defaults to 2 minutes but configurable), even if you jumped to a later scene.
Thanks all for the responses. The advancedsettings.xml solution was the one I was looking for and I will give it a try. Busy now, but after I get it working I'll report back.