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Full Version: How I can remove buttons: shutdown and favorite from main menu ?
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Hi, all!
Dear's people I have one questions
How I can remove from this theme buttons: shutdown and favorite from the main menu?
For example remove a line in the code.
In the file skin.unity/xml/home.xml it is part of the following include:

If you do not want to also remove the clock, you will need to edit skin.unity/xml/includes.xml

Find (line 899):
<visible>Window.IsActive(Home) | Window.IsVisible(LoginScreen.xml)</visible>

Replace With:
<visible>false | Window.IsVisible(LoginScreen.xml)</visible>

Find (line 941):

Replace With:
Thanks. I also removed code line 15-22 in home.xml to unshown the user profile id.
(maybe these requests could be added as buttons in a future release to hide them more easily)