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Full Version: Kodi add-ons and hdhomerun not running
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I have Kodi via a nvidea shield.
I installed hdhomerun Prime yesterday. It worked only briefly through the add-on in Kodi.
Now Kodi says it can't find the device, which is weird because my iphone and computer (imac) recognize the app and play the live tv channels.
Also, Kodi won't let me add add-ons because the message says it can't find a connection but I can use the add-on I already have installed.

A clue maybe? I checked connections and my M.A.C. ip address is all zeros. Does this have anything to do with anything?

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Wrong section. If the addon is complaining about not finding the device, then the OP is most likely using SD's video addon, not the PVR client.

However, to aid the OP, it sounds as if your Kodi machine has no internet connection. That is most likely why it cannot search for addons, and why it cannot find your tuner.
Thank you. OP is what? And how should I remedy this?
Also, how am I watching movies with another add-on in Kodi if I have no internet connection though? I'm ot being a smart alec, just not very knowledgeable with these types of things.
Original poster, ie you

I think we need a debug log (wiki) gathering, uploading to PasteBin.com and their link supplying here.
Thank you, I will do that tonight and link it tomorrow.