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Full Version: Tv Show Next Aired
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I was wondering if anyone could answer why the addon Tv Show Next Aired showed me "Latest Episode" and "Status" in the circled area just a few hours ago and now it doesn't show anything at all.

watch gallery

I've been trying to reinstall the addon several times and been playing around with the settings. Maybe it is some other addons that doesn't co-op with this one?

I'm using Kodi 17,4 Krypton with the Aeon Nox Silvo Mod.

Thanks in advance!
What version is your Tv Show Next Aired? If you are loading the latest "beta" version from Marcelveldt's repository (version 7.x), then that's where the problem lies. You need version 6.0.15 from the Kodi repository. At least that's what worked for me after spending hours hunting down the problem and finally fixing it for Aeon Madnox for Krypton.
Also no working for me, Leia build with Madnox , version 6.0.15