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Full Version: Last Master 15.09. - Skip in Musik not working
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with the last Master Leia Skip is not working.

Question. Where and how I can report bugs I found in Leia? I tried to log in at Bugtracker, but I cannot...

Thanks for answer
Master is stll pre-alpha, so likely to nightly changes and bugs.

As to where and how to best report testing results the prefered route really depends on the likely area of the problem and the dev or devs working on the area.

If the issue is music library related (and it isn't) then my preference, as the dev involved with that area, is to start a thread here on Music Support. That way a maximum number of expoert users can see it and help out.

Some platform specific nightly builds e.g. the Millhouse LE builds have a forum thread for reporting.

"Skip not working" sounds like a player issue. I can alert the player devs to issues reported here, but I know that they like a lot more detail before enaging with user feedback especially during pre-alpha. So report in detail here if you like.
Thank you for answer.
I noticed the same thing and I think it is related to this Commit but FernetMenta mentions in the first comment on that PR he will be working on PAPlayer next.

If you need that functionality back then I suggest to use the previous nightly (0664d6e0ba) until he can get around to it Smile

I tried that earlier build and it works. But anyway I changed now back to 17.4. The Problem with the bad sound on using Paththroug must be fixed, before I will use Leia on all my clients. I can wait...
If you are on windows, you can still keep 17.4 as your primary kodi and run 18 in portable mode


This way you can keep track of kodi 18 evolution while having a stable experience with kodi 17.4
Good morning,

thanks for tip with portable mode.

the newest build works...

maybe it helps. Hope you understand my english... Its also buggy... :-)