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Full Version: Scraper Help "Video" result
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I have a QNAP NAS that has KODI 17.3 on it. I have some of my DVD collection that is saved in the Video_TS folder directory format. The scrapers I use for movies are the Kodi Universal Movie Scraper and the Movie Database scraper. When they fail I get a list of these based on how many video named files are in the Video_TS folder. Video (Kodi Screenshot)
Imaginative title. Now I am sure this is a fine clip but it is not in my library and never will be. Is there a way to tell the scraper to never hit on this result?
No there is not a way to prevent the scraper from not scraping that movie. In fact that is a very useful movie as it is a fallback title that we commonly see. It means you either have your sources incorrectly set or you have incorrectly saved the structure of the DVD's.

You will need to provide a debug log. The instructions are in my signature. Use the Basic method. Once you have enabled debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging, restart Kodi then run an Update Library and let it scrape one of those movies you are having issues with. Once done upload to pastebin and link back here.

Also tell us what your Kodi source is for movies and how you have named the movie. A screenshot of the file structure of your movie is helpful via Windows Explorer if using windows.
Thanks for the response. I have been learning how to make nfo files and that was the last time it showed up but you are right that the last few times it happened it was from a corrupt DVD copy.