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Full Version: .wtv files freezing while playing
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Hi All,

I have run into an issue where Kodi freezez and become unresponsive when playing a recorded tv file (.wtv). I have noticed that this occurs usually only for one hour length shows, and happens at around the half hour mark. I have also seen it happen when skipping in intervals 10s 15s 30s etc.

I am running Kodi 17.4 on a Amazon Fire TV box. My DVR add in is Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC).

I have tried disabling and enabling the two following settings as I had read that this may fix the issue,

Player- Allow hardware acceleration Media Codec (Surface)
Player Allow hardware acceleration Media Codec

I have also tried bumping the lag time between when skip and the actual skip happens to 2 seconds.

I have also attempted playing the file over smb (not via the addon) and get the same result.

Here are my logs. Thanks for any help!

You still have some banned addon (wiki) elements installed on your device. Please remove them fully before continuing (I see from your post history you've already been told about this, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you've overlooked a couple of items)

10:42:03.644 T:18446744072297731912   DEBUG: ADDON: cpluff: 'Plug-in script.covenant.metadata has been installed.'
10:42:03.646 T:18446744072297731912   DEBUG: ADDON: cpluff: 'Plug-in script.exodus.artwork has been installed.'
10:42:03.647 T:18446744072297731912   DEBUG: ADDON: cpluff: 'Plug-in script.exodus.metadata has been installed.'
10:42:03.647 T:18446744072297731912   DEBUG: ADDON: cpluff: 'Plug-in script.covenant.artwork has been installed.'
OK my bad, will take care of this before posting. Ya they did get overlooked.