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Full Version: Suggestion for Naming convention
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I own this DVD A&E Mysteries of the Bible Abraham which I have saved as a DVD in the Video_TS folder structure. According to IMDB it is from Season 2 Episode 2. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1209006/ Of course the movie scraper doesn't recognize it and because I wasn't aware it was a TV series I didn't save it as a TV episode format.
What would be the best way to proceed?
1. Create my own NFO file and make it a quasi documentary
2. Change the name to reflect a TV series/episode even though I only have one.
3. Convert to single file and change the name ( I hate doing this as I still haven't always fixed my audio sync issues with handbrake)

I have multiple DVDs that fall into this general category (various documentaries that may have been tv shows) which is why I am asking the question. I am just starting out with Kodi and tackling my video collection first. I appreciate any help you can give.
I just checked the TVdb and although the show and episode is listed, there is no graphics or much meaningful text information. IMdb dos at least have a poster although the text is leaving the user wanting. The universal scraper would allow you to type in the tt# manually to treat this as a video show TV movie and would probably be my choice if I was just trying to save time.

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With that said, I'll expand on this issue (as you've expressed interest in multiple DVDs that fall into this general category). Kodi and all the meta-database websites are a community effort. Joining the various scraper sites, you can enter your own listings, provide information for others and when you scrape your information is populated into your library just like you expected it with the artwork you provided, and others will enjoy your efforts.

Sometimes it's just easier to produce your own nfo files (family videos etc), and this wiki should help Custom video entries (wiki) and this wiki is just a general FAQ on the subject of adding to your library Video management (wiki)

As the last point, I would be negligent in not saying that Kodi can handle every video in 'file mode' (that wouldn't be listed in the library) but would be accessible and you could include posters and fanart, just deny the source a scrape and exclude from library updates. In my travels with Kodi, I have used all of the above and an assortment of add-ons such as 'extras' and 'super favourites' to slice and dice a large collection to my delight. Ah, yes don't overlook 'tabs, nodes, and smart playlists'. and don't forget to have fun!