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Full Version: Lossless/Lossy Multi-Channel Issue with Nvidia Shield/Oppo UDP-203 Combination
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Not sure if this has been addressed so I'll post these findings.

Oppo 203
Nvidia Shield
Marantz SR7010 Receiver
Sony XBR55x900e

I have an Nvidia Shield 2015 attached to the HDMI In of the Oppo 203. The Latest firmware for the Oppo is installed.

Multi-Channel Audio (lossy or lossless) will not work in this configuration through Kodi 17.4. It will, however, work through Plex.

The 203 defaults to Stereo when no signal is passed through.

When the Shield is playing Live TV, it will play Dolby Digital if the signal is available. If no DD Signal is available it will default back to stereo. Not much of an issue, but when the Shield was attached directly to the receiver, Dolby Surround would appear. (for me at least).

I can adjust the Shield to Upmix stereo to 5.1, and once in a while I may need to restart the Oppo, for the 203/Shield combo will studder with both audio and video.

Kodi Settings

Audio Passthrough is enabled
I've also adjusting the Number of Channels available, 2.0 all the way up to 7.1
My receiver is capable of Dolby Digital, DD True HD, DTS, DTS MA, including Atmos and DTS-X
These audio formats can be reproduced through Plex, but not through Kodi. (again using this Oppo/Shield combination)
When playing any of my BD Rips, or Atmos/DTS trailers, the audio is Stereo. No adjustments in Kodi, the 203, the receiver, or Android TV (Shield) will fix this issue.

When the Shield is connected directly to the Receiver, Multi-Channel audio will play,which means Lossy and Lossless Multi-channel output.

I wanted to address this issue here before contacting Oppo for Tech Support to see if this can be resolved.
Are these audioformats enabled in the passthrough options?
Yes all audio formats are enabled.
Contacted Oppo Tech Support, and they were not able to resolve this issue. They have informed the engineers of this issue and will see if they can replicate it in-house.

I've also tried various versions of Kodi to see if one of them may have a fix, but non of them worked.
I know SPMC is not to be discussed in these forums but I was able to get Multi-Channel audio to work with this Application rather than Kodi. The only real difference I see between Kodi and SPMC in the audio settings is the Passthrough Output Device, where you can choose "Android, RAW Passthrough", or "Android "IEC, Passthrough". Either choice will along with enabling Passthrough and choosing the correct audio formats will allow for Multi-Channel audio to work.