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Full Version: Cleared Data
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I have a MQX pro android box. I accidentally cleared data. When I now open Kodi, I do not have ANY of the original icons Down the left side I just have a list (movies, tv shows, music, etc.) I get a message that says "your library is currently empty" you need to populate it. I click on the files icon and there is nothing there. I have no clue on how to start. Help! Thank you
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If this is your other post, don't doublepost under a different username.
Doublecheck on the actual location of your media files, if the files are still there. Do not check via Kodi, use a different file manager. If the files are indeed gone, we can only offer you our condolences and hope you have made a backup sometime in the past.
okay, sorry
okay thank you reading and the condolences.