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Full Version: NFS vs SMB - Linux vs Windows - Slow library update
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I know I have searched this before but I can't seem to find the information this time. If I get time to I am going to have a look in the log this evening to see if I can spot anything. Meanwhile I thought I make a post to see if anyone have any input on the matter.

I am sharing my media files from a local NAS (Synology ds1817+), since I have encryption turned on I can't use NFS to serve the files so I am using SMB atm. With the AES-NI hardware encryption engine I don't think the encryption itself is the issue, I have had this setup before on unencrypted share with the same performance. Playing the files works just fine, I can fast forward and skip without any problems, it's really responsive and doesn't feel slow at all. The problem I have with SMB is slow library updates when using Kodi on Linux.

My library isn't very big with 195 movies and 48 TV Shows, I turned of recursive scanning for the movies and it scans that directory very fast but updating the TV shows takes some time. If my memory serves my right it gets to 99% fairly quick and then sits there for a minute or so, same behavior even without any new files. I guess it is because crawling all the subfolders takes additional time, it's about 300 folders and 15.000 files.

So now I am considering setting up new separate unencrypted share for the media files since I know using NFS will solve my problems but I am wondering if I can make improvements still using SMB.

My HTPC is a Intel NUC BOXD34010WYK2 (core i3 4010U) wired connection to Gigabit network.
  • Is this behavior expected when using a setup like mine?
  • Any way to speed up the library update still using SMB?
  • Will using Kodi on Windows make any difference when using SMB?
TV shows will take time on any network as it is having to scan the show name, then the season, then the episode, that is jpgs for the posters, and nfo files for the text.

A good example is if you have a show with 15 seasons and 23 episodes its going to take Kodi a while to get through those, it will speed up a bit depending on your hardware configuration.

If you have half a dozen like this, poor Kodi will slow down on those titles.
You might want to investigate this 272112 (thread)
@PatK - oooo.....me likey Smile will def have to try that out myself!
Thank you for the suggestions! I haven't changed anything yet because first I was going to time the library update to be able to measure improvements. I have no idea what have changed because as I said I havenĀ“t changed anything myself but now a library update takes just under 5 seconds using the same setup. So I am happy but a bit confused.