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Full Version: T95Z Kodi box stuck on boot
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Hey, first time posting here. Well, as the title says, a few days ago my Kodi box froze, and I unplugged it for a while to see if that'd help. When I plugged it back in, this was what had happened:


It's been stuck on this loading screen and boot setting for days; I've gone over my android box dozens of times looking for some kind of button or switch that might be able to reset it, but no luck. If there is something somewhere on it that does that, please let me know. Either way, I'm desperately looking for any advice or suggestions on what I can do that'll rectify this problem.
This forum is for Kodi related support and it not the best place to seek advice with the Android OS or hardware related issues. Contact your manufacturer / vendor or try a generic Android forum, you'll probably have better luck.