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Full Version: Funny touch screen behavior with Favourites
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This is pretty weird, but maybe someone can figure it out. I've recently done an Android installation (AOSP 7.0) of Krypton 17.4 using the Confluence skin. Everything was fine until I returned from vacation and fired up the tablet again. Now if I touch the star to open the Favourites panel, there is either no response (well, actually, "Video" highlights off and on) or the star stays lit, but there is no response from the panel. The power "button" adjacent to the star works fine.

If I rotate the tablet 180 degrees, suddenly it's fine. So I figured there is a hardware issue with the touchscreen in one corner. I've run a number of diagnostic apps and that corner of the screen appears to be fine. Just for "fun" I copied the 720p folder from the skin.confluence folder of another tablet with the same installation, thinking there might be a corruption of some file. That made no difference.

Obviously I could just turn the tablet 180 degrees for Kodi, but the behavior is really getting to me. I also tried switching back to Estuary and then returned to Confluence. No dice. Any ideas?
If it works when rotated then it's not a skin issue.