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Full Version: Song and Artist ID on playback
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Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but last Christmas I was messing around with the visualizations while listening to a radio station (can't remember which addon) and i was able to get it to show the artist name and song title. If i remember it was over laid on top of the Shadertoy visualization with the spectrum analyzer like the one in the image. I since had to reinstall Kodi and have it back to where I like it, but can't remember this last thing. Anybody know how to get the information displayed?

It sounds to me you've found a radio station that displays artist and song information.
Some online radio stations will send the information about the track playing. Kodi will display this information. There is no such visualization plugin that would "Shazam" the now playing artist and title.

Here are the examples:
Radio station that displays artist and song information: https://imgur.com/ywjO0zS
Radio station that displays other information: https://imgur.com/oi24sjn
Radio station that displays no information: https://imgur.com/L1MjeXA

Try it with 1.FM Radio Channels (ie. 1.FM Absolute Top 40 I used in the first image) using official Radio plugin
Oh, and if you were talking about an addon that had this spectrum analyzer as an icon - it might have been an illegal addon, and what you listened to wasn't really radio but audio streams.
I just remembered one such add-on with such an icon Smile