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Full Version: [Android] VideoPlayer stall when switching between channels with same format
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Since about a week (around the time when async FileOpen/playback state changes got merged) I am having issues with switching PVR channels (DVBViewer Client). Switching between channels with the same format (e.g. H.264) fails. I only see a still image and a negative play time, see video. Switching to an MPEG-2 channel fixes the "stall".

I am also appending a [LOG] of this incident.
There are some Video player fixes that should be merged in the 20170920 build. Try it once it gets pushed to mirrors and see if you're still having the same issue.
Seems like VP fixes did not get merged. Will check again tomorrow.

Found out now that it does not seem to happen on every H.264 > H.264 switch, only when I switch between certain channels. No idea what's special about those.
@Koying's MediaSession test build seems to inlcude this PR by @FernetMenta, which got merged into master this morning. The channel switching issue is fixed with that.
Today's nightly fixes it too. You would see a negative play time when switching the channel for a short amount of time. But it quickly recovers from it.