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Full Version: Weird KODI multiplied video, no audi error
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I am a long time user of Kodi and have found it to be an excellent method of playback and file organization. I typically use an SMB or FTP share on my gigabit home network to play files from. Every once in a while I come across an odd error only on the Fire TV 1 with various types of files (mkv, mp4 mostly) where i can navigate to the file directory and select a file. The scraped info displays fine and I can begin to play the file. however, even though playback is indicated by the PLAY icon and advancing time, Kodi never switches to full screen and remains in the directory where I can still select files with the remote.

Forcing a switch to full screen shows the playback bar/time multiplied many times vertically and horizontally. No video nor audio is actually displayed.

I have shut off/switched hardware acceleration and that has had no effect. Someone else must have seen this before.

There appears to be nothing in the debug log.


Thank you,

Quote:Every once in a while I come across an odd error
Kodi has no odd errors, only normal errors. Big Grin

Quote:There appears to be nothing in the debug log
In that case, there is nothing we can do. If you think that we already sit beside you and see the same things happening that you see happening on your screen(s), think again. Either provide the full debug log file, or we move on.