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Full Version: Back button needs three presses to return to main menu
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Hi, Proper Newbie here so bear with me if the answer to this is obvious.

I have successfully installed the IPlayer addon and marked it as a favourite. I want to go directly to this addon from the main menu without seeing any other installed addons. So I have created a custom menu item (custom item 3), named it IPLAYER, and associated the favourite that I just created with it and it works a dream! I can see my IPLAYER button at the bottom of my vertical menu. WooHoo! I press it, and sure enough it takes me straight to the IPlayer addon, and all works as it should until I try to use the back button on my remote to return to the main menu. It takes 3 presses. I get Working.. Please Wait, momentarily, at the top of the screen for the first press but nothing happens, on the second press I get Working.. Please Wait again, and the cursor highlights the first item in the list (IPlayer: Highlights). It's only on the third press will it take me back to the main menu. Any help would be appreciated.

My box is a H96 running Libreelec.
i'm afraid that's just the way kodi works...

in case your remote has a 'home' or 'esc' button, you could use either of those to go back to the homescreen directly.

otherwise you can look into custom key mapping to dedicate one of the buttons on your remote to take you to the homescreen
Super-quick reply ronie, thank you very much. Yeah the home button does work.. and it's even ok if you know that three presses on the back button works, but it just detracts from the feel of the software a bit. I can live with it if there isn't a solution.