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Full Version: issue with fanart.tv arts scraping
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since 1 week TMM don't dowloaded recent arts from fanart.tv
TMM version 2.9.4
Win 7
java build build 1.8.0_144-b01
API key from fanart.tv (vip member)

@Kode from Fannart.tv said that the API works well.
is someone has the same trouble ?
What I have to check ?

could you send me your api key for some debugging per PM? (I won't misuse it Wink)
Yes but i don't have access to send you a private message. What kind of way i could send you the key ?
you could use our contact form too; http://www.tinymediamanager.org/contact/
ok it's done
I hope you 'll find something
works here..
did you try to restart tmm after inserting the fanart.tv key?

atm replacing the key does not work (that is planned for v3) -> a restart of tmm is needed to get the custom key used
yes each time i restart tmm. I do a copy and paste of the key and after I restart tmm.
what's atm ?

which log file i have to check to be sure that java is the last version on my system?
atm = at the moment Wink

check the launcher.log or tmm.log - on both there is the used java version
good version of java in both files.
however there're some errors

into launcher.log:
2017/09/22 20:18:32:981 INFOS n.a: Failed to find proxy settings in Windows registry [error=java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jRegistryKey in java.library.path]
2017/09/22 20:18:32:981 INFOS n.a: ---------------- Proxy Info

into tmm.log:
2017-09-22 20:32:20,096 DEBUG [SwingWorker-pool-4-thread-1] o.t.s.fanarttv.FanartTvMetadataProvider:131 - getArtwork with IMDB id: tt0066026
2017-09-22 20:32:20,221 DEBUG [SwingWorker-pool-4-thread-1] org.tinymediamanager.scraper.http.Url:241 - getting https://assets.fanart.tv/preview/movies/...0d5d5f.png
2017-09-22 20:32:29,768 ERROR [SwingWorker-pool-4-thread-1] org.tinymediamanager.scraper.http.Url:263 - bad http response: 500 ; Internal Server Error
2017-09-22 20:32:29,768 ERROR [SwingWorker-pool-4-thread-1] o.t.ui.dialogs.ImageChooserDialog:868 - DownloadTask displaying
java.lang.NullPointerException: null

Do you understand something ??
strange.. when I click on the link it displays the image in the browser, but in the logs there has been a HTTP 500 response from fanart.tv

maybe they had some troubles with their CDN? (I know some meta data provider had sometimes problems with their CDN in the past..)
does it work today?
no result.
I tried without key: nothing changed, i can't upload some older arts
i tried with a new key: nothing changed
I removed and re install java: nothing changed.

As you know i believe that the problem come from fanart.tv, but why i am alone with this kind of problem ?
I don't know Huh?
I'm the same problem. Sad
I'll give you just a quick overview of the workflow inside tmm and you may see that this problem (probably) has nothing to do with the API key.

1) we contact the fanart.tv api with either the tmm API key or you personal API key.
2) fanart.tv responds to the call (any may send some more links to artwork if you provide the personal API key)
3) tmm fetches the artwork over standard HTTP (that's what you see in the logs)

since I am able to fetch the artwork from your logs via chrome (and also via wget from the command line) the only problem could be their CDN (which results in a local - not global - problem). That could be the cause that the links work there (austria), but not at your side..
"tmm fetches the artwork over std http" you mean https

Is it possible that the problem is located in france only ?

Vanilli, where are you ?
it works now. Thank you mlaggner for your help. Kode have found the solution.