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Full Version: Which program do you use to make textures for your skin?
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Just a curiosity... wonder which program you use to make the textures for your skin?

Paint.dot net, gimp, Photoshop ?

what reason for you choosing the program you are using?

Also do you make a mockup of your complete skin before programing or basically jump into it with a rough idea?

I think it will be interesting to see how others start?
Photoshop for basic texture editing / optimization / layering. Illustrator for icons.

Simply because I already own them and have grown used to them. Also, if you don't know how to do something, you'll just find more and better information on them online.

I never do mockups, I basically just start coding. Maybe not the most time efficient, but you'll recognize limitations / problems easier and sooner that way. In mockups, everything is possible Wink

Come to think of it, I do sketch out ideas I have either on paper or on my iPad. So I guess that's sort of a mockup too, but those are more about structure, the mechanics of the skin and general layout. And I do set up some "rules" I want to adhere too regarding layout or style (like padding, color palette, spacing, font choice, etc). Kind of like my own interface guidelines / styleguide Smile
Gimp because it is free and works on Linux.

Like Jeroen, I don't make mockups. I might sketch some ideas out on paper, but usually I find it easiest just to create my ideas in the skinning engine. I like that the lists are filled with content and labels etc and I can play around with arrange all the elements without needing to import poster artwork and resize it and position it and so on. I find making mockups tedious - having to make guidelines and arrange things with the mouse and fill labels with dummy info and so on.

Also I have made a few mockups in the past, but I found that whilst they looked good on my laptop screen, they didn't really translate well to the loungeroom experience. Just making it directly I find gives a much better feel for whether an idea is going to work or not.

I would say that overall my process is pretty similar to Jeroen's really.
Sounds like I am on the right track just need to upgrade the program and either learn gimp or photshop... I am using paint dot net right now... And it's simple and works but there is still feels like something is missing with my textures.

Other then that I to definitely play it by ear... Even to the point of learning python to try to force somethings I just want that I can't do hahaha.